Oil Tank Replacements in Exeter

Steel tanks need to have their oil resistant coating maintained regularly to keep them in usable condition. In order to reduce this maintenance overhead, or to replace an old tank we recommend moving to a new plastic (polyethylene) tank. 

Oil tank replacement can be a major project, but we can help by taking all of the hassle and stress out of it for you. 

When replacing a tank, there are many elements to consider including:

Removal of the old tank 

•Dispose of waste oil or pumping of it in to a temporary tank 

•Disposal of old tank and lines 

Installation of the new tank 

•Base preparation 

•Fire wall and concrete bund installation (secondary containment) - if needed 

•Installation of the oil lines from the tank to the boiler 

•Installation of filters and valves necessary to run the system 

Commissioning work 

•Testing and bleeding of the system

•Starting up (firing) the boiler

There are many building regulations regarding the disposal of old tanks when there is a significant risk of pollution. This may include being within 10 metres of a river or stream or a spillage may run in to a drain. There are also building regulations covering the installation of the new tank such as fire resistance and location. 

We can ensure that your legal responsibilities are met and that the building regulations are adhered to. We will do all we can to make your tank replacement as easy as possible for you. 

Contact us for an estimate or a quotation and we can advise you what will need to be done to complete the work.

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